OpenID Certification program wins 2018 European Identity and Cloud Award

Published May 16, 2018
OpenID Certified markI’m thrilled to report that the OpenID Certification program has won the 2018 European Identity and Cloud Award for Best Innovation at the European Identity and Cloud (EIC) conference. This recognition follows also being awarded the 2018 Identity Innovation Award at the IDnext conference in March. While the OpenID Connect standard won the 2012 European Identity Award for best innovation/new standard and has been widely deployed since then, a standard is only as good as its implementations. The OpenID Foundation created the OpenID Certification program to help ensure that high-quality, interoperable implementations become the norm. The significant global impact of the OpenID Certification program was a reason for its selection for the European Identity and Cloud Award. It recognizes that the innovative use of self-certification, with freely available testing tools, has resulted in substantial participation in the certification program, improving the security, quality, and interoperability of OpenID Connect implementations worldwide. Special thanks are due to Roland Hedberg for writing the certification software and to Hans Zandbelt and Filip Skokan for also being key members of the development and operations team. Certification committee members Don Thibeau, Mike Leszcz, and Mike Jones contribute to strategy and planning for the program. And many members of the OpenID Connect working group helped define the requirements in the certification profiles, including OpenID Connect working group co-chairs Nat Sakimura and John Bradley. The contributions of the many engineers worldwide who helped us “test the tests”, helping validate and improve them, were also significant. Thanks to Kuppinger Cole for recognizing the impact of the OpenID Certification program! EIC 2018 Award EIC 2018 Award Certificate EIC 2018 Award John Bradley, Mike Jones, Nat Sakimura EIC 2018 Award Don Thibeau EIC 2018 Award State EIC 2018 Award Don Thibeau, George Fletcher, Mike Jones, John Bradley, Nat Sakimura