Specifications & Developer Information


OpenID specifications are developed by OpenID working groups and go through three phases: Drafts, Implementer’s Drafts, and Final Specifications. Implementer’s Drafts and Final Specifications provide intellectual property protections to implementers. Final Specifications are OpenID Foundation standards.

Final Specifications

OpenID Connect specifications:

Implementer’s Drafts

OpenID Connect working group specifications:

  • Session Management – Defines how to manage OpenID Connect sessions, including postMessage-based logout functionality

HEART working group specifications:

Active Drafts

OpenID Connect working group specifications:

Account Chooser & Open YOLO working group specifications:

MODRNA working group specifications:

EAP working group specifications:

  • Token Bound Authentication – Defines how to apply Token Binding to OpenID Connect ID Tokens
  • EAP ACR Values – Enables OpenID Connect RPs to request that specific authentication context classes be applied to authentications performed and for OPs to inform RPs whether these requests were satisfied

iGov working group specifications:

Inactive Drafts

Native Applications working group specifications:

Obsolete Specifications

Final OpenID 2.0 specifications:

OpenID 2.0 Drafts:

Early OpenID specifications:


The Libraries page references libraries that implement OpenID Connect and related specifications, such as JWT.

See the OpenID Connect page for more information about OpenID Connect.