OpenID Certification Fee Schedule

OpenID Certified markNOTICE: This OpenID Connect Certification Fee Schedule page is designed to assist in understanding the associated fees for OpenID Certification by members and non-members. This Fee Schedule is subject to change at any time by the OpenID Foundation.

Fee Schedule for Certifying to Production Conformance Profiles

A fee is required for certifications to conformance profiles of OpenID Providers and Relying Parties that are generally available. The fee is intentionally low, to encourage participation, but is there to help cover the ongoing costs of operating the certification program:

Member Certification Fees

$200.00 USD per new deployment

Non-Member Certification Fees

$999.00 USD per new deployment
$499.00 USD per new deployment of an already-certified implementation

These prices enable participants to certify a deployment to as many profiles as they choose within a calendar year for this one payment. For instance, a member could certify to the Basic OP and Config OP profiles by paying $200.00 USD and then later add certifications for Implicit OP, Hybrid OP, and Dyanmic OP within the same calendar year at no additional cost. Separate payments are required for OP deployments and RP deployments.

Please pay for your certification application at the Certification Payment page when you send in your submission.

Fee Schedule for Certifying to Conformance Profiles in the Pilot Phase

While a conformance profile is still in the pilot phase, certification to it is open only to OpenID Foundation members. The entity making the certification request must be an OpenID Foundation member, whether it be an organization or an individual. No fee is required for certifications to these profiles, since they are still in the pilot phase, during which we are “testing the tests”. Like certification to production conformance profiles, payment will be required for new certifications to those profiles once the pilot phase has been completed and the profiles reach general availability.