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The latest whitepapers published by the OpenID Foundation or co-branded by the OpenID Foundation. For more information on the whitepaper process and approach, refer to the Whitepaper Process document.

OpenID Foundation Announces New Whitepaper Process

The OpenID Foundation is pleased to announce a new Whitepaper Process as approved by the Board of Directors on October 9, 2023.  OIDF-led and co-led whitepapers help ecosystem stakeholders understand the wider landscape and the role of OIDF standards within that wider landscape. Such whitepapers make OIDF’s global, technical expertise more accessible to ecosystem stakeholders,

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Announcing “GAIN in 2023” Whitepaper

We are delighted to announce the joint publication of “GAIN in 2023” which is a collaboration between  six organizations who continue to pursue the vision of interoperable high trust identity networks, as articulated in the “GAIN Digital Trust” paper, published in 2021 by 156 independent identity industry experts and stakeholders.

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Open for Comment “Human-Centric Identity: a primer for government officials”

Government officials, policymakers, technologists, legal scholars, and human rights advocates are invited to offer feedback on a new white paper “Human-Centric Identity: a primer for government officials”. This follows the publication of “Government-issued Digital Credentials and the Privacy Landscape” (Flanagan, 2023), which delved into challenges of creating a globally viable

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Open for Comment: “Government-issued Digital Credentials and the Privacy Landscape” Whitepaper

Policymakers, technologists, and privacy advocates are invited to offer their feedback on the new white paper, “Government-issued Digital Credentials and the Privacy Landscape.” This paper, published in part by the OpenID Foundation, Kantara Initiative, and the Secure Identity Alliance, and including contributions from several individuals, seeks to engage and inspire

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OpenID Foundation Publishes Whitepaper on Open Banking

The OpenID Foundation is pleased to share its new whitepaper, “Open Banking, Open Data and Financial-Grade APIs”. The paper documents the international movement towards Open Banking, Open Finance, and secure, consent driven access to all user data. It describes the OpenID Foundation and in particular the Financial-Grade API (FAPI) Working

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