Announcing “GAIN in 2023” Whitepaper

Published July 21, 2023

We are delighted to announce the joint publication of “GAIN in 2023” which is a collaboration between  six organizations who continue to pursue the vision of interoperable high trust identity networks, as articulated in the “GAIN Digital Trust” paper, published in 2021 by 156 independent identity industry experts and stakeholders.

The paper explores all the ways in which the GAIN (Global Assured Identity Network) vision remains relevant in today’s fast-moving landscape - as well as the ways in which technology heightens the stakes. It then reviews the major areas of progress in the proofs-of-concept that are related to the GAIN collaboration:

  1. The cross-border transfer of data that the GAIN Proof of Concept Community Group has achieved: they tested data and trust management protocols, including a demonstration that a government, a bank network and a mobile network can all share identity data across three separate countries. 
  2. The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation has also made meaningful progress on developing high-trust organizational identities and addressing use cases beyond financial services. 
  3. The Open Identity Exchange is architecting how trust can be exchanged across countries at the policy-level, and is working diligently through the mapping of trust frameworks in numerous jurisdictions within the Interoperability Working Group.

In addition to the OIDF, GLEIF and OIX contributions, we are also delighted to benefit from the thought leadership of the International Institute of Finance, the Cloud Signature Consortium, the Secure Identity Alliance. Together we have over 50 companies and numerous individuals helping to realize the GAIN vision.

We will share more on the final outcomes and recommendations at events throughout 2023-24 and look forward to further collaboration with the community. 

To learn more about the technical work of GAIN or to sign the Participation Agreement to join the GAIN POC Community Group, click here. To learn more about trust framework mapping, join the Open Identity Exchange Interoperability Working Group hereOther non-profits are welcome to join the initiative by contacting for more information.


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