Migration of OpenID Connect Certification Software

The OpenID Certification program for OpenID Connect currently has two live test systems: a production Python-based system and a new Java-based system in a special pilot mode, which will eventually replace the old system. This page describes special opportunities and instructions for those seeking certification during this transition period.

We request that, during the transition period, people test their OpenID Connect deployments with both systems, helping us test the new tests. Please report back to us any differences in the results that you find and any difficulties that you have with the new system. You can send feedback to certification@oidf.org or file bugs for the new system at the Java-based system issue tracker.

As an incentive for people to test against both systems while the new one is in the special pilot mode, OpenID Connect certifications will be free for OpenID Foundation members if they submit results from both systems. The normal fees will apply during the transition period if results from only one of the two testing systems are submitted, including the production fees being applicable if results from only the Java-based system are submitted. These incentives are intended to help the certification team get actionable data on whether differences between the two testing systems need to be corrected before we advance the new system to production status.

Note that testing for the Third Party-Initiated Login profiles are not yet available in the new system. OP Logout tests are also not yet available in the new system.

Please proceed to the testing instructions for the two systems: