Welcoming Gail Hodges as Our New Executive Director

Published April 28, 2021
The OpenID Foundation is thrilled to welcome Gail Hodges as the new Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation. Those of you who already know Gail know that she’s passionate about enabling digital identity to serve the public good. She has extensive experience both in the digital identity space – for instance, having founded the Future Identity Council, and in the payments space – among other accomplishments, having headed Apple Pay in Latin America and having been the global head of digital payments at HSBC. The Foundation’s former Executive Director and now Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors, Don Thibeau, said, “I’m looking forward to working with Gail as a new leader for a new era for the Foundation. She brings international operational experience, a fresh perspective, and new energy to the community.” In her own words, Gail affirmed “I’m honored to be joining the OpenID Foundation at this critical juncture, when robust Identity infrastructure is ever more important to people and society. I look forward to working with the OIDF Board and members, as well as the wider community, to help solve the Identity problems of our time.” We look forward to the fresh views that Gail will bring to the OpenID Foundation. We see her joining as a unique opportunity to both review the programs and strengths of the OpenID Foundation as it exists today and to refine our vision and strategic plans. Welcome Gail! -- The OpenID Foundation Board of Directors