The First OpenIDDevCamp was a Success

Published January 14, 2008
Over the past two and a half days, nearly fifty different people came to the first ever OpenIDDevCamp hosted in San Francisco.  Nearly twenty people showed up Friday evening to start drawing up the agenda for Saturday from a list of possible projects.  Saturday we had our first full day of discussions and hacking around OpenID today.  About thirty-five people showed up and hacked, talked and shared.  Sunday started out a bit slower though my noon everyone was back to cranking on a new OpenID test suite, XRI debugging, and OpenID usability with some focus on mobile (partially inspired by Chris's blog post).  Thanks to Vidoop for sponsoring breakfast, thanks MyStrands for sponsoring lunch and of course big props to Six Apart for hosting the event.  A bunch of photos can be found up on Flickr under the "openiddevcamp" tag. Much was done ... here is just a sampling: Additionally, getting an entire group of OpenID veterans was a great way for people to debug their problems and learn new things:
  • A few people got their Ruby on Rails blogs OpenID enabled for commenting.
  • Getting the Java version of consumer library installed and figuring out what it takes to be a provider (hint: acting as a great provider is hard).
  • Zentu now lets you login using OpenID!
Some takeaways and things the group would like to try to accomplish for next time:
  • Translate vCard attributes to Attribute Exchange schema end-points.
Planning and organizing OpenIDDevCamp really wasn't that hard so if you've ever thought about putting together an event like this, you really should!  Feel free to use this event's wiki page as a template.