OpenID Foundation 2013 Community Board Member Election Results

Published February 12, 2013
Thanks to all who voted for the board members who will represent the community at large on the OpenID Foundation Board of Directors. Nat Sakimura, John Bradley, Mike Jones and George Fletcher have been elected to two year terms. All are returning community board members, ensuring continuity and deep technical expertise to the Foundation. Henrik Biering was elected to a one year term and together with Axel Nennker brings an important European perspective to our international adoption initiatives. The reelected will join current community members Greg Keegstra and Axel Nennker, now serving the second years of their terms and sustaining corporate representatives; Pam Dingle of Ping Identity, Farhang Kassaei of PayPal, Tony Nadalin of Microsoft, Paul Agbabian of Symantec, Peter Tippett of Verizon, and Eric Sachs of Google on the board. The Foundation can be seen as the sum of three parts; the painstaking specifications of working groups, the combined efforts at adoption and the stewardship of IPR. We take this opportunity to thank departing board member Kick Willemse for his service to the Foundation and the OpenID Community. Kick's business and marketing savvy will continue to be important assets to our international outreach. We will continue to rely on his advice and look forward to Kick's continued participation in OpenID and OIX events. 2013 will see significant traction in three OpenID protocols that will help define internet identity. OpenID Connect, Account Chooser and Backplane will be important tools for developers and architects building the open solutions that expand existing services and enable more trusted online transactions. Like the rapidly changing markets we serve, the OpenID Foundation evolves at the pace and at direction of its board. Since its inception almost seven years ago, the OpenID Foundation tracks the growing interest and importance of digital identity in our personal and professional lives. 88 members voted in this election, casting a total of 313 votes. The results (in order of votes received) were: Nat Sakimura 78 John Bradley 60 Michael B. Jones 60 George Fletcher 55 Henrik Biering 35 Michael Schwartz 25 Regards, Don Thibeau