Specs Council

Specs council is the body defined in the section 4.2 of OpenID Process Document. Its mandate is to review the proposed charter for a new or modified working group and advise the board on recommending it or to reject it based on the following reasons:

(a)     an incomplete Proposal (i.e., failure to comply with §4.1 of the IPR Document);
(b)     a determination that the proposal contravenes the OpenID community's purpose;
(c)     a determination that the proposed WG does not have sufficient support to succeed
        or to deliver proposed deliverables within projected completion dates; or
(d)     a  determination that the proposal is likely to cause legal liability for the OIDF or others.

Members of the specs council is selected from current spec editors.

Current members are [Ordered by their last name]:

  • John Bradley
  • Tim Bray
  • Ashish Jain
  • Mike Jones
  • Breno de Medeiros
  • Chuck Mortimore
  • Nat Sakimura