Result of First Election for Corporate Member Board Seat

Published February 6, 2014
Beginning in 2014 and each year thereafter, Corporate Members of the OpenID Foundation will elect a member to represent them on the OIDF board. All corporate members were eligible to nominate themselves, second the nominations of others who self-nominate, and vote for candidates. It is rare that the OpenID Foundation suffers from an embarrassment of riches but we just had that happen in the candidacy of three well qualified candidates - Lasse Andresen from ForgeRock, Chuck Mortimore from and Torsten Lodderstedt from Deutsche Telekom. I agree with Chuck Mortimer’s comment that any one of the candidates would do a fine job. The voting closed on February 5, and I am very pleased to announce the election of Torsten Lodderstedt as the Corporate member representative to the Board of Directors. Board participation is a substantial investment of time and energy and requires painstaking consensus building. We sincerely thank Lasse, Chuck and Torsten for their candidacies and congratulate Torsten for his election. As their elected corporate Director, Torsten will help build our partnership with the GSMA and guide the role OIDF will play in facilitating faster and broader adoption of open identity standards like OpenID Connect and Account Chooser. Torsten’s candidate statement follows below. Regards, Don Thibeau Torsten Lodderstedt, Deutsche Telekom Candidate Statement In my daily work as Product Owner for identity management services at Deutsche Telekom I see an increasing demand for secure, powerful, and ease-to-use identity management protocols due to cloud-based business models and e-Government. The OpenID foundation addresses this demand through the results of its working groups. Especially OpenID Connect will allow the foundation to foster the secure and interoperable implementations of various innovative cloud and app use cases and therewith gain more visibility in the mainstream of the industry. As a director of the OIDF I will contribute needs and lessons learned from daily business to the work of the foundation, with a focus on European businesses/organizations as well as the Telco operators. Within working groups I will advocate to always seek for a balance between innovation and maturity in protocol design. I will drive adoption of OpenID within Deutsche Telekom and promote it at other operators and other organisations throughout Germany and Europe. In order to support the OIDF's working groups, Deutsche Telekom's IDM team will adopt OIDF standards early (in alignment with DT's business needs) and continuously contribute experiences to the respective working group. We will also continue to participate in interop tests. In 2014, I see two major focus areas. First, the OpenID Connect specifications must be finalized. Second, the foundation should drive the adoption of OpenID Connect throughout industry and government beyond early adopters, from small business to enterprises and government agencies. I also think it is important to promote the idea of id federation in general as means to leverage reach and verified identity data to new/small business. In the end, OpenID should become mainstream and also substitute home grown "login with OAuth" solutions, OpenID 2.0, and SAML. I will work with GSMA and Telco operators towards industry-wide adoption of OpenID. My contributions are based on more than 18 years of experience as engineer, architect, and product owner in the software industry, especially 7 years of practical experience in development, operation, and marketing of large-scale identity management services for both Internet and Telco services. Moreover, I have been contributing to the work of the OpenID Connect and OAuth working group for 3 years now.