OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance (eKYC & IDA) Enables More than 30 Million Bank Customers to Identify Themselves with Third Parties

Published March 3, 2021

More than 1,000 banks in the yes® scheme enable online banking customers to prove their identity to 3rd parties with existing bank-managed KYC data. This data can also be used to seamlessly create qualified electronic signatures conforming to the EU's eIDAS directive.

The banks recently finished the migration of all Identity Providers (IdPs) in the yes® scheme towards OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance (eKYC & IDA). From a technical perspective, this means over 1,000 different bank IdPs participating in the yes scheme were adapted to support requests for verified claims and are able to assert verified claims in ID Tokens, UserInfo, and Token Introspection responses.

yes partners undertook this major investment because OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance provides all the necessary bits and pieces to support strong identification, including regulated use cases, such as eIDAS or eKYC, while being simple to use, versatile, and privacy preserving.

yes firmly believes that open international standards benefit every industry and they are especially crucial for the fragmented banking market to compete with new entrants.

Since yes operates an ecosystem with multiple implementations of OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance, it’s aware of the importance of interoperability and the key role conformance tests play to achieve it. yes therefore decided to provide directed funding to the OpenID Foundation to develop conformance tests for OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance as part of the OpenID Foundation Certification Program. yes will also contribute its existing test implementation to the Foundation as part of its contributions.

yes hopes to facilitate the further evolution of OpenID Connect for Identity assurance and its broad adoption in the market. Furthermore, yes is hopeful that other Foundation members that have a vested interest in the success of OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance will follow with additional directed funding and contributions to support the development of conformance tests and the expansion of the OpenID Foundation Certification Program.

About yes

yes is the world’s largest commercial open banking ecosystem with more than 1000 banks acting as identity, account information and payment initiation providers for their customers
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