OIDF Welcomes Mastercard to the Board

Published May 13, 2024

The OpenID Foundation (OIDF) is thrilled to welcome Mastercard to the Board of Directors as a Sustaining Member. Since joining in 2022 as a Corporate Member, Mastercard has been involved in several OIDF Work Groups. The Foundation welcomes Mastercard as a global technology leader in the payments industry. 

“Mastercard have long been leaders in the Identity space and benefit from years of experience building rails that power global payments and collaborating on solutions to address the challenges we now face our industry,” said OIDF’s Executive Director, Gail Hodges. “We are delighted that they have furthered their commitment to the important work of the Foundation during such a transformative time.”  

Adam Sommer, VP of Security Standards, will serve as Mastercard’s primary representative on the OIDF board with Mark Andrus, Director, Industry, Policy & Standards Engagement, serving as Adam’s alternate. 

Increasingly, governments around the world are positioning Digital Identity and Financial-grade Security at the center of their strategies to grow secure, digital economies.  The Foundation is looking forward to many years of continued partnership with Mastercard as we work to build interoperable standards that meet the moment and secure our digital future. 

About the OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation (OIDF) is a global open standards body committed to helping people assert their identity wherever they choose. Founded in 2007, we are a community of technical experts leading the creation of open identity standards that are secure, interoperable, and privacy preserving. The Foundation’s OpenID Connect standard is now used by billions of people across millions of applications. In the last five years, the Financial Grade API has become the standard of choice for Open Banking and Open Data implementations, allowing people to access and share data across entities. Today, the OpenID Foundation’s standards are the connective tissue to enable people to assert their identity and access their data at scale, the scale of the internet, enabling “networks of networks” to interoperate globally. Individuals, companies, governments and non-profits are encouraged to join or participate.
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