Foundation Activity and Progress Report September 2015

Published September 23, 2015
I spoke last week at the European Identity Management Conference in Amsterdam and this week in Florida at the Global Identity Summit, in both venues the adoption and interest in the evolution of OpenID Connect was clearly evident and important. In a panel I chaired, OpenID Foundation member GSMA referenced the important role OpenID Connect plays in their Mobile Connect deployment. Bjorn Hjelm of Verizon shared an overview of the MODRNA WG  and potential synergies with Account Chooser he is testing with Pam Dingle. Together with leaders from the US NIST, OpenID Foundation will announce the formation of our newest work group, "iGOV" a profile intended to optimize OpenID Connect for government to citizen applications. NIST is organizing a collaboration with UK and European peers. John Bradley has provide important continuity and leadership in this regard and will post the appropriate WG information soon at OpenID Foundation member Justin Richer provides important continuity in these matters that may benefit the HEART WG as well. Our colleagues at the US NIST plan to include iGOV and OpenID Connect in a workshop planned for January 2016 in the Washington DC area. I will provide more details on OpenID Foundation's involvement as details become available. In Amsterdam, the European audience and our colleagues at companies like CA, Ping, Forgerock and others were quite vocal about the importance of the OpenID Foundation providing more information, viability and support of adoption efforts in the UK and Europe. The high viability and potential impact of upcoming EU regulation  of identity systems is a forcing function for interest, investment and education in open identity standards and associated trust frameworks. The request of European members and potential members was such that I tentatively committed the OpenID Foundation to workshops in Amsterdam and London in the first quarter of 2016. The Foundation will coordinate with member companies like Ping and Forgerock that have company specific efforts now underway to coordinate calendars and content. We hope to build on this interest to optimize the run up to the planned OpenID Foundation Workshop in Munich at the EIC May 10 to 13. The OpenID Foundation will also coordinate with the Open Identity Exchange to find economies of scale and other synergies. Your comments and contributions are requested. Don Thibeau