How to Run Conformance Tests for OpenID for Verifiable Presentations

OpenID Foundation is currently developing tests for checking that wallets (and, later, verifiers and issuers) correctly & securely implement the OpenID for Verifiable Presentation specifications (and, later,  OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance).

We are currently targeting the latest Implementer’s Draft:

The tests currently require support for:

  • response_type=vp_token
  • client_id=redirect_uri
  • Direct Post
  • Cross device (QR code based) or same device flow
  • request_uri
  • SD-JWT
  • SD-JWT VC [partial]
  • HAIP [partial]
  • presentation_definition

VC tests are currently only available on:

(Login with any google/gitlab/openid account)

Select the test plan “OpenID for Verifiable Presentations ID2: Alpha tests (not currently part of certification program)” and fill out the form.

Please contact the certification team if you’d like some help or anything goes wrong (or to let us know it went well – we are actively encouraging feedback on these tests!):