Based on an initial proposal for the MODRNA profile of OpenID Connect as well as an alternative 
for mobile discovery and other inputs, the working group has been developing the following specifications.


Final Specifications

Implementer’s Drafts



The list of resources includes working group updates as well as resources and references to areas involving Mobile Network Operator (MNO), the usage of the mobile device to manage various transactions and the adoption of OpenID Connect that involves the working group.

Working Group Updates and Presentations

Below are a list working group presentations and other resources related to the work by this working group.

Additional Working Group Resources

  • USSD Authenticator Overview presented by Dawid Wróblewski (T-Mobile Poland) on MODRNA Working Group call, Jul. 19, 2022. The background to the topic can be found in FAPI Issue #467.

GSMA Resources and References

3GPP Resources and References

NIST Public Safety Resources and References