1) Working Group name:

Mobile Operator Discovery, Registration &  autheNticAtion (MODRNA) WG

2) Purpose:

Developing a profile of OpenID Connect intended to be appropriate for use by mobile network operators (MNOs) providing identity services to RPs and for RPs in consuming those services as well as any other party wishing to be interoperable with this profile.

Identify and make recommendations for additional standards items.

3) Scope:

Create a profile of OpenID Connect focused on delivering a common set of implementation guidelines for MNOs (acting as IDPs) and RPs.  In doing so, take into account any considerations driven by:

  • User interface/interaction methods on Mobile Devices

  • Different methods of authenticating the user through the mobile device and/or network (including but not limited to SIM, USSD, TEE, network capabilities etc.)

  • Option of supporting additional claims (attributes), e.g., location, age-verification, presence.

  • Methods of obtaining user consent (including long-lived consent) and ability for user to revoke that consent

  • Methods needed for discovering which MNO the RP should submit an authentication request to for a given user


  • Making breaking change to OpenID Connect.

4) Proposed specifications:

  • Mobile Profile for OpenID Connect 1.0

5) Anticipated audience or users

  • Mobile Operators (MNOs acting as IDPs)

  • Application Developers (acting as RPs)

  • Service Providers (acting as RPs)

  • Identity Providers (IDPs)

  • Trustframework operators

6) Language:


7) Method of work

Mailing list and telephone / internet conference combind with F2F (where needed) and information sharing/collaborative working via online tools.

8) Basis for determining when the work is completed:

Rough consensus and running code. The work will be completed once it is apparent that maximal consensus on the draft has been achieved, consistent with the purpose and scope.

Background info:

Related works

  • OpenID Connect

  • Account Chooser

  • Native Application Agent


  • Tim Bray (Google)

  • Nat Sakimura (Nomura Research Institute)

  • Adam Cooper (Cabinet Office, UK)

  • David Pollington (GSMA)

  • John Bradley (Ping Identity)

  • Mike Jones (Microsoft)

  • Torsten Lodderstedt (Deutsche Telekom)

  • Gonzalo Fernández Rodríguez (Telefónica R&D)

Anticipated contributions:

Contribution of draft Mobile Connect Profile proposal by Deutsche Telekom.