EAP Working Group - Specifications

The EAP working group is developing a security and privacy profile of the OpenID Connect specifications to enable users to authenticate to OpenID Providers using strong authentication specifications. The resulting profile will enable use of IETF Token Binding specifications with OpenID Connect and integration with FIDO relying parties and other strong authentication technologies.

EAP Working Group

EAP Working Group

EAP Working Group

EAP Working Group

The working group has been developing the following specifications:

Final Specifications

  • None yet.

Implementer's Drafts

Below are links to the HTML versions of the released copies of the specifications:

  • EAP ACR Values – (Optional) Enables OpenID Connect RPs to request that specific authentication context classes be applied to authentications performed and for OPs to inform RPs whether these requests were satisfied
    – Most recent Implementer’s Draft 


Working copies of the specification can be found in the group’s repository.