Operational Process

Account Chooser Work Group

The Account Chooser working group is experimenting with ways in which the user experience can be improved, through bootstrapping the account chooser of a user who has an account at a known, trusted domain. If we can get past the hurdle of an empty browser on first access to the account chooser, it would be a big step forward.


The board of directors have approved Corporate and Sustaining members in good standing with the foundation to populate entries into the Account Chooser from approved domains. Any working group member can email the account chooser mailing list with the following text to apply to whitelist a domain at accountchooser.com. Any abuse will result immediate removal from the whitelist. The section below documents all the self-certifications received by the account chooser working group.

Certified Members

– no members have self-certified yet.

The text of the self certification should look like this:

To: oidf-account-chooser-list@googlegroups.com

Subject: Account Chooser Self-Certification

As a representative of [NAME OF COMPANY], I request that [DOMAIN TO BE WHITELISTED] be allowed to populate user entries in accountchooser.com without requiring any user prompts or interstitials. I acknowledge that continued use of this capability requires that [NAME OF COMPANY] remain an OpenID Foundation (OIDF) corporate or sustaining member in good standing and that this functionality may be entirely discontinued in the future.

I also agree to abide by the following requirements and understand that the OIDF Board through a majority vote may revoke privileges if the requirements are not met or if there are indications of abuse:
A user’s data will only be used to bootstrap OIDF Account Chooser domains if that user has signed in to [DOMAIN TO BE WHITELISTED] on the same device.
Any data sent will correctly correspond to the designated field name (i.e. nothing except a name in the ‘name’ field) and will be sourced from the user’s editable profile on [DOMAIN TO BE WHITELISTED] or an associated site.

Change Management Process

From time to time, the Account Chooser Working Group may decide to make changes to Account Chooser. To keep abreast of upcoming changes, it is important to subscribe to the mailing list oidf-account-chooser-announce.

The change management process for Account Chooser is:

  • Requirements proposal
    New ideas are discussed on the main working group mailing list and at the bi-weekly phone calls. Once requirements have been defined and there is consensus to move forward, development will begin.
  • Prototype implementation on accountchooser.biz
    Changes will be pushed to accountchooser.biz and announced at oidf-account-chooser-announce. The announcement will describe the changes and contain a target date to be pushed to the beta channel. If there are significant bug reports or feature modifications requested, the target date will be revised. It is important to note that accounts that are stored in Account Chooser will not be visible at accountchooser.biz because account entries are saved in HTML 5 storage by domain.
  • Pending release candidate at accountchooser.com/beta
    Developers can choose to direct to their sites to the beta channel for their production environment if they want to take advantage of the latest enhancements. Unless significant issues are reported, the beta channel release candidate will be pushed to the stable channel after two weeks.
  • Stable release at accountchooser.com
    All pushes to the stable channel will be announced on oidf-account-chooser-announce.

If you’d like to participate in the discussions about how to improve Account Chooser, please subscribe to the working group mailing list and share your ideas.