About OpenID Foundation Working Groups

What are OIDF Working Groups?

An OpenID Foundation working group is focused on a specific problem, technology, or opportunity for which the members will deliver a document or series of documents, after which they may disband or create a revised charter for further work. Each working group has a number of contributors, one or more editors, and a written charter. The charter defines the scope of work for the working group, as well as its goals and milestones. The working group’s mailing list and meetings should focus on the topics within the charter. OpenID Foundation specifications are created in working groups. The completion of a working group charter and subsequent disbanding of the group are viewed as a sign of success.

Do I Need to be and OIDF Member to Participate in OIDF Working Groups?

You do not need to be a member of the OpenID Foundation to participate in a working group but you must agree to the IPR Policy by executing a Contribution Agreement. This allows anyone to participate by becoming a “contributor” in the technology development while ensuring that the specifications remain freely implementable by anyone. (Foundation membership is, of course, encouraged, so as to support the work of the Foundation.)

How do I Join an OIDF Working Group?

To join a working group, you need to execute the IPR contribution agreement and subscribe to the group’s mailing list. The mailing list provides a forum for those who wish to follow, or contribute to, the group’s efforts. Instructions for joining working group mailing lists are available in the list of current working groups on the OIDF website.

What are the Current OIDF Working Groups?

Currently there are four active OIDF working groups: AB/Connect, Account Chooser, Native Applications, and MODRNA.

How are New Working Groups Started?

Any group of at least 5 contributors may form a working group by submitting a proposal to the OIDF Specs council’s at specs-council@openid.net. Proposals must include a proposed charter and background information.

Where can I get more information about how OIDF Working Groups work?

Additional information is available in the OIDF Process Document or contact Don Thibeau, OIDF Executive Director or John Ehrig, OIDF Program Manager.