OpenID for Verifiable Credentials - Overview




What is OpenID for Verifiable Credentials

The OpenID for Verifiable Credentials work is a product of the OpenID Connect Working Group. The whitepaper OpenID for Verifiable Credentials describes the work and its motivations.

Even though abbreviated as ‘OID4VC’, ‘OID4VCI’ and ‘OID4VP’ for brevity when typing, it is pronounced as ‘OpenID for VC’, ‘OpenID for VCI’ and ‘OpenID for VP’.

OpenID for Verifiable Credentials consists of three specifications:

  • OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance – Defines an API and corresponding OAuth-based authorization mechanisms for issuance of Verifiable Credentials (Editors’ Draft) (Working Group Draft)
  • OpenID for Verifiable Presentations – Defines a mechanism on top of OAuth 2.0 to allow presentation of claims in the form of Verifiable Credentials as part of the protocol flow (Editors’ Draft) (Working Group Draft) (Implementer’s Draft)
  • Self-Issued OpenID Provider v2 – Enables End-Users to use OpenID Providers (OPs) that they control (Editors’ Draft) (Working Group Draft) (Implementer’s Draft)



Meeting Schedule

Regular Meetings

  • Atlantic 1 call: Bi-weekly Thursday Call @ 2pm UTC
  • Atlantic 2 call: Bi-weekly Thursday Call @ 3pm UTC

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