Relying Party OpenID Certification Entering Production Phase

Published July 25, 2017
The OpenID Certification program for OpenID Connect Relying Parties has reached a level of maturity that the time has come to end the pilot phase, in which we were "testing the tests". After August 8th, 2017, the Relying Party Certification program will join the OpenID Provider Certification program in production status. Thanks to those who helped us to get to this point by testing their implementations during the pilot phase! While RP Certification is currently only available to OpenID Foundation members, once in production, RP Certification will be available to all. The same prices will then apply to RP certifications as do for OP certifications now. See the OpenID Certification Fee Schedule page for price information. The OP Certification software has also matured in ways that should be mostly invisible to testers, but that position us to be able to add additional conformance profiles soon. Watch this space for future announcements. See the OpenID Certification page for more information about the OpenID Certification program and to see the current set of certified implementations. Any questions about OpenID Certification can be sent to