Registration Open for OpenID Foundation Workshop on Monday, May 1, 2017

Published February 21, 2017
OpenID Foundation Workshops provide early insight and influence on important open identity standards like OpenID Connect.  These workshops provide updates on the OpenID Certification Program as well as updates on OpenID Foundation Working Groups. The workshop will review the interface of the MODRNA (Mobile Profile of OpenID Connect) and the GSMA's Mobile Connect. We will review other protocols in the pipeline like RISC, HEART, Account Chooser, Strong Authentication and the latest Implementer's Draft of the Financial API profile. Leading technologists from Google, ForgeRock, Microsoft, Ping Identity and others will join the discussions led by the working group chairs to update key issues and discuss how they help meet social, enterprise and government Internet identity challenges.   This event precedes the IIW #24 at the Computer History in Mountain View May 2-4, 2017. Workshop registration can be found here:   Workshop Agenda Welcome and Workshop Introduction: Don Thibeau OpenID Certification Program Overview and Update
  • Mike Jones
  • Roland Hedberg
  • Hans Zandbelt
OpenID Foundation Working Group Updates
  • A/B Connect: Mike Jones, Nat Sakimura and John Bradley
  • Account Chooser & Open YOLO: Pam Dingle and Adam Dawes
  • Enhanced Authentication Protocol and FIDO (EAP): Mike Jones
  • Fast Federation (FastFed): Ashish Jain and Phil Hunt
  • Financial APIs (FAPI): Nat Sakimura
  • OpenID Connect Profile - HEART: Eve Maler and Deb Bucci
  • OpenID Connect Profile - (iGov): John Bradley, Paul Grassi and Adam Cooper
  • OpenID Connect Mobile Profile - (MODRNA): Bjorn Hjelm
  • Risk and Incident Sharing and Coordination (RISC): Adam Dawes
    Don Thibeau The OpenID Foundation