“Plays Well with Others”, the OpenID Foundation Recognized as a Global Top 10 Influencing Organization in Digital Identity

Published December 13, 2019
The OpenID Foundation has been recognized in the recently published The Digital Identity Report – The Global Opportunity for Verified Citizen & Consumer ID, as one of the top 10 global digital identity-influencing organizations that includes the OpenID Foundation. Alan Goode, founder and CEO of Goode Intelligence and author of the report, said “the digital identity industry is incredibly vibrant with many influencing organisations shaping how digital identity is designed and deployed.  These 10 organisations represent those that we have found to be the most influential throughout our research and we are delighted to announce the names of these highly deserving organisations today.” The Digital Identity Report examines the market for both government and commercial scheme issued digital identities around the world in three digital identity models: Centralised, Federated and Self-Sovereign.  The 230-page report includes a comprehensive review of current global adoption, market analysis including key drivers and barriers for adoption, technology analysis and profiles of companies supplying products and services in this area along with detailed (regional and global) for digital identity (segmented into current important vertical sectors), biometric technology and revenue within the six-year period 2020 to 2025. Technical standards are only as good as their implementations. The Foundation owes much of its success as a leader in digital identity through a focus on liaison agreements with leading organizations in specific sectors. The work of the Financial Grade API Working Group helps extend a wide variety of implementations of OpenID Connect profiles while also driving some of these liaison relationships. Recent examples of these liaison relationships include our member organizations the GSMA and the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) as well as the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA) and others. Liaison agreements are only as good as the concrete value they produce. The OIDF’s Board recently approved substantial investments of human and financial capital in our partnerships in 2020. We’ve donated exhibition space to the Women in Identity at the upcoming Identiverse Conference. We’ve recently approved funding of federation standards development to continue our successful collaboration with Europe’s GÉANT Association. Our close coordination will be demonstrated throughout 2020 in a major conference in Tokyo hosted by the OpenID Foundation Japan, and in the UK in joint workshops with the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), Collaboration is only as good as the commitment of people. Therefore, on behalf of the OpenID Foundation board of directors, I would like to congratulate our friends and colleagues Vyjayanti Desai of the World Bank’s ID4D, Dakota Gruener at ID2020, Emma Lindley and Pam Dingle, Co-Founders of the Women in Identity for much deserved recognition in the The Digital Identity Report. We look forward to continuing to work with these organizations and others to help enable digital identities globally.   Don Thibeau OpenID Foundation Executive Director