OpenID Intellectual Property Policy Approved

Published December 31, 2007
Its taken us months of effort but I'm happy to announce that the OpenID Foundation has finalized its intellectual property policy and process. During the 12/13/2007 OpenID Foundation board meeting, we approved the IP policy and process documents. The gist of this means that we have a process in place that will help the OpenID community to continue to thrive in its efforts. The intellectual property policy helps define how and who can contribute to the project as well as laying out ways to protect those that use the technology. Huge thanks go out to everyone involved (in no particular order): David Recordon, Bill Washburn, Mike Jones, Kim Cameron, David Daggett, Dick Hardt, Johannes Ernst, Gabe Wachob, Drummond Reed, Martin Atkins and Artur Bergman. There are others I'm sure and I apologize profusely for missing you. We couldn't have done this without everybody getting behind this effort and I'm really excited what this means for broader adoption of OpenID in 2008.