OpenID Connect: works with OIDF members to transform the future of enterprise identity

Published January 22, 2013
Since 1999, has been a driving force in enterprise cloud computing, sparking an “end of software” revolution that is now extending into the world of enterprise identity. At its annual Dreamforce conference last year, the company unveiled Salesforce Identity -- a Cloud Identity and Access Management Platform that provides a single, social, trusted identity for enterprise applications. As part of this, Salesforce recognized a completely standards-based approach is critical and helped form the OpenID Connect working group.’s membership role within the OpenID Foundation will help accelerate the maturation and adoption of OpenID Connect, and enable the company to deliver a transformative cloud identity solution that is sorely lacking in the enterprise today. The explosion of enterprise apps has made managing access and identity needlessly complex. Users are frustrated with juggling multiple log-ins, and enterprise IT is frustrated with managing secure access across all of these apps. is collaborating with other OpenID Foundation industry leaders to make OpenID Connect more viable for the modern enterprise, with its unique security needs, increasing numbers of connected apps and sprawling mobile device users. The proliferation of a mature, enterprise-ready OpenID Connect will ultimately be a win-win for technology companies, enterprises and app developers. For their part, Salesforce has built OpenID Connect into its innovative new cloud service that will provide identity and access management services for Web and mobile applications. OpenID Foundation is a non-profit standards development organization focused on developing open identity protocols that provide for easy to use, secure user centric solutions to the challenges of online identity.