OpenID Connect Launch: Statements of Support

Published February 18, 2014
Last week I blogged about how we are in the final stretch of launching OpenID Connect on Thursday, February 26, 2014 at RSA in San Francisco, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and in Tokyo with OpenID Foundation Japan. In that blog, I mentioned some of the industry leaders who have been and will be adopting the OpenID Connect standard. As a follow-up to my comments from last week, below are some of the statements of support for OpenID Connect received thus far: Microsoft “Widely-available secure interoperable digital identity is the key to enabling easy-to-use, high-value cloud-based services for the devices and applications that people use,” said Alex Simons, Director of Program Management for Microsoft Active Directory. “OpenID Connect fills the need for a simple yet flexible and secure identity protocol and also lets people leverage their existing OAuth 2.0 investments. Microsoft is proud to be a key contributor to the development of OpenID Connect, and of doing our part to make it simple to deploy and use digital identity across a wide range of use cases.” Google "Google is betting big on OpenID Connect because it's simple for developers to understand and makes it easy to federate with identity providers. It also protects users by only sharing account information that users explicitly tell us to," said Eric Sachs, Group Product Manager for Identity. "As of today, Google offers support for OpenID Connect as an identity provider and we are excited to see how this standard will make Internet use easier for users without having to enter passwords." ForgeRock "There is more pressure than ever for CIOs to drive revenue and new business models across mobile platforms,” said Lasse Andresen, CTO, ForgeRock. “OpenID Connect is an essentials standard for any organization wanting a simple, repeatable approach for extending identity relationships to any device and directly impacting top-line revenue.” Additional statements of support are forthcoming and I will include those in a follow-up blog. -Don