Building on What’s Built: OpenID Certification Momentum

Published November 4, 2015
At the OpenID Certification Launch in April 2015, 6 organizations had certified 8 OpenID Connect Provider implementations for 21 conformance profiles. Now, as you can see at, 14 organizations and individuals have certified 16 OpenID Connect Provider implementations for 48 conformance profiles. The OpenID Foundation has championed self-certification as an important new trust building mechanism that can operate at Internet scale, and it’s working well. The new certifications represent a broad set of industries and application areas: large companies like Deutsche Telekom – a leading European mobile operator, and small companies like Privacy Vaults Online (PRIVO) – which manages parental consent for children’s online access. This latest wave of certifications include more from Microsoft – certifying their on-premises identity software, as well as developers like Cal Heldenbrand – in the real estate industry, and Dominick Baier, Brock Allen, Michael Schwartz, Justin Richer, and Roland Hedberg, each certifying their open source identity software. Congratulations to all for their achievements and for advancing interoperable digital identity across international borders and industry sectors. Keep those certifications coming! Meanwhile, the ability to self-certify OpenID Connect Relying Parties is being finalized in anticipation of pilot RP certifications in 2016. Don Thibeau
OpenID Foundation Executive Director