OpenID Board Election Results

Published December 27, 2008
I’m pleased to report that 175 out of 217 eligible members voted in the election for OpenID Foundation community board members. The election results (listing candidates and number of votes received) are as follows: Elected to serve 2-year terms:
Snorri Giorgetti 106
Nat Sakimura 89
Chris Messina 76
David Recordon 76
Elected to serve 1-year terms:
Eric Sachs 62
Scott Kveton 57
Brian Kissel 55
Not elected:
Eran Hammer-Lahav 54
Joseph Smarr 52
Allen Tom 42
Luke Shepard 37
Johannes Ernst 37
Dick Hardt 36
John Bradley 22
Martin Atkins 21
Mike Kirkwood 8
Peter Nixey 8
The seven elected community board members will take office on January 1st, 2009. The five corporate board members will remain in office. I’d like to thank all those who ran for their commitment to serving the OpenID community. I look forward to working with many of you on advancing OpenID over the coming year, including, I’m sure, many of you who were not elected to the board in this election. -- Mike Jones, for the Elections Committee