More Momentum: OpenID Connect Adoption

Published April 1, 2014
In my last blog, I noted, “it’s time to build out the final elements of OpenID Connect and move to mobile.” We'll soon announce the official working group with the GSMA focused on a OpenID Connect mobile profile. Foundation members, partners and independent developers continue to integrate OpenID Connect in robust and interoperable identity services into enterprise solutions.  Enterprise solutions are the focus of OpenID Workshops preceding the European Identity Conference in Munich in May and the Cloud Identity Summit in Monterey, California. OIDF member is hosting a webinar next week on Wednesday, April 9th, “OpenID Connect: The new standard for connecting to your Customers, Partners, Apps and Devices.” You can find more information and register by clicking on this link  Join Chuck Mortimore, Pat Patterson, and Ian Glazer's socks as they overview how OpenID Connect can help better connect customers, partners, apps, and devices. Chuck, Pat and Ian will speak to how OpenID Connect builds on OAuth and how to consume OpenID Connect from identity providers with Social Sign-On. While this webinar is aimed at a technical audience, I’m confident that anyone looking to learn more about identity and standards will benefit. I will continue to keep you abreast of OpenID Connect events and adoption success stories. Feel free to contact me directly with any events or experiences that you feel should be highlighted. Thanks, Don