Guest Blog: SecureAuth’s OpenID Foundation Membership Drives Interoperability and Authentication for Customer Identity Security Across Cloud and Mobile

Published March 29, 2021
Today, SecureAuth is an official member of the OpenID Foundation a non-profit international standardization organization committed to enabling, promoting and protecting OpenID technologies. As a distinguished member of the Foundation, SecureAuth also now has a voice in the elections for the governing body. SecureAuth Innovation Labs is dedicated to actively supporting and participating in the Shared Signals and Events Working Group (SSE WG) of the OpenID Foundation. This includes research and development teams commitment to the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol. This protocol serves as the identity layer for human-based and machine-to-machine communications alike, which is built into SecureAuth’s Protect platform. Always at the forefront of innovation, SecureAuth has been a long-time advocate and contributor of the OpenID Foundation prior to becoming an official member. As a trailblazer of the interoperability and extensions of authentication protocols that are integrated into every app to verify users, SecureAuth aligned with the latest standards for customers across the ecosystem. “We welcome SecureAuth’s membership in the OpenID Foundation and look forward to their contributions to the SSE WG and their support for open standards in identity, access control and authentication”, said Don Thibeau of the OpenID Foundation. “The success of the Shared Signals Working Group is one of the great hidden successes. One objective is to define mechanisms to deliver system implementers with an approved standard for securely sending signals and receiving signals, access and avoid account takeover.” The mission fits with SecureAuth’s core objective, which is to enable the continuous assessment of risk and trust, by leveraging signal and events in a way that security can be achieved without compromising the user experience and sharing of security events, state changes, and other signals between dependent systems. SecureAuth’s participation in the SSE WG will aid in implementing two new standards: Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) and Risk & Incident Sharing and Collaboration Initiative (RISC). Learn more about SecureAuth’s Adaptive Authentication:   Martin Gallo, Senior Director of Research at SecureAuth Corporation