Guest Blog: Frederico Schardong Participates in Identiverse 2022 as a Kim Cameron Award Recipient

Published August 29, 2022
Despite the fact that I only discovered Kim Cameron’s seminar article on the seven laws of identity many years after it was published, it felt as current as anything new I was reading when I first began studying identity. Going through his thought-provoking blog posts about identity and privacy also provided me with ideas and considerations that I could not find anywhere else. As a result, I am deeply honored to be one of the first recipients of the award in his honor in recognition of my work in this field. My journey with digital identity began as a back-end web developer who was curious about how the systems I was helping to build handled users’ passwords, as well as having to implement single sign-on using SAML. Many years later, when I began pursuing a PhD, my advisor suggested that I specialize in electronic identity at our very first meeting. After reading numerous books, papers, protocol specifications, and implementations, I am now researching quantum-safe IAM protocols and self-sovereign identity. One of my first thoughts while attending the conference was how excited I was to meet the giants who wrote the protocols I have been studying and actively implementing in my academic research. However, Identiverse provided me with much more. The opportunity to (physically) reach out to many like-minded people outside of academia who are interested in the challenges of security and privacy in IAM is perhaps the most valuable outcome. Furthermore, learning about the most recent developments in the OIDC working groups FAPI, eKYC & IDA, and SSE, as well as the work on the OAuth side of the force with OAuth 2.1, PKCE, and RFCs 9068, 9126, and 9207, was extremely beneficial. Furthermore, it was only through attending Identiverse that I discovered that a sizable portion of the IAM industry is focusing on multi-factor authentication, which surprised me because I assumed this was already well established. I am grateful to the OpenID Foundation for this incredible opportunity and eager to collaborate with the identity community. Frederico Schardong PhD Candidate at Federal University of Santa Catarina