Join the OpenID Foundation

The Foundation offers members a global, vibrant community where identity peers and thought leaders can convene in a safe and open environment to craft the identity ecosystems of tomorrow.

Member Benefits

Membership provides you an opportunity to influence the future of open identity specifications, conformance testing and the certification program.

  • Influence Identity Ecosystems – Ensure your use-cases are considered in the protocols. Increase your client reach with standards-based solutions. Future-proof the relevance of your products.
  • Conformance and Self-Certification – Contribute to the test cases and ensure your product needs are met. Assert to your customers that you conform to global standards. Reduce your security and interoperability risks through conformance testing. Discounts on self-certification for members. Certification mark available and all certifications are public.
  • Expert Collaboration – Build long term relationships with a world class community of technologists, and diverse thinkers. Expand your exposure to the use cases and issues impacting the global identity landscape.


Membership is affordable and designed to be inclusive of individuals, non-profits, government entities, and organizations of all sizes and types who collectively share an interest in the vision and mission of the OpenID Foundation.

How to Enroll in an OpenID Membership in 8 Steps

Step 1

with your preferred OpenID provider.


Step 2
Consent to OpenID Foundation viewing your profile.
Step 3
Select Membership Type from the list of available options.
Step 4
Review your Contact Information is correct.
Step 5
Review and approve the Membership Agreement and Intellectual Property policies.
Step 6

Review the membership dues dollar value and select choice of payment.

Step 7
Confirm and complete registration to process payment.
Step 8
Print your membership receipt, if needed, otherwise you will receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail folder).