Get Involved

Get Involved

OpenID is all about you.

Looking to help spread OpenID? Great! Getting involved in the OpenID community is a critical way to help set the direction of the social web. We’ve got a few places for you to start and would love to hear from you.

Discuss and share your opinion

OpenID development isn’t just about hacking code. In order for OpenID to benefit the widest number of people, the technology must naturally be improved to cover new cases while becoming easier to use.

Check out the list of mailing lists that you can join to take part in the conversations leading the direction of identity on the web.

Join the working groups

Not only discussing the ideas, but OpenID Foundation offers formalized process to create and improve the open specifications at the working groups. Join the working groups that you like, or create your own!

Follow the microblogging discussion

People are talking about OpenID all the time — turns out a lot of them are on Twitter or using another microblogging service like Identica. Follow these conversations by searching Twitter for openid or following the openid tag on Identica.

Idle and participate in IRC

Find other OpenID developers and hackers in the #openid channel on Freenode.

To participate in IRC, you will need an application like mIRC (Windows) or Colloquy (Mac). You can also chat using the Freenode Web Client.

Pitch in to the support forums

We maintain a support forum for end users and other curious folks on Satisfaction. We can always use more help supporting folks who are just getting started with OpenID and have common questions.

Give a demo

We believe that the best way to spread the word about OpenID is to show people — whenever you get the chance, don’t tell people about OpenID, show them.

Give a talk

We’ve collected a bunch of past presentations about OpenID to inspire you to give your own talk. Once you’re done, share it with the community on Slideshare!