Certification Accomplishments and Next Steps

Published May 6, 2015
OpenID Certified markI’d like to take a moment and congratulate the OpenID Foundation members who made the successful OpenID Certification launch happen. By the numbers, six organizations were granted 21 certifications covering all five defined conformance profiles. See Mike Jones’ note Perspectives on the OpenID Connect Certification Launch for reflections on what we’ve accomplished and how we got here. We applied the meme “keep simple things simple” that was the touchstone when designing OpenID Connect to its certification program. But for as much as we’ve already accomplished, there’s plenty of good things to come. The next steps are to expand the scope of the Certification program along several dimensions, per the OpenID board’s deliberately phased certification rollout plan. I’ll take the rest of this note to outline these next steps. One dimension of the expansion is to open the program to all members, including non-profit and individual members. This second phase will be open to OpenID Foundation members, acknowledging the years of work that they’ve put into creating OpenID Connect and its certification program. Closely related to this, the foundation is working to determine our costs for the certification program in order to establish a beta pricing program for the second phase. The board is on record as stating that pricing will be designed with two goals in mind: covering our costs and helping to promote the OpenID Connect brand and adoption. Putting a timeline on this, the Executive Committee plans to recommend a beta pricing program for the second phase during its meeting on June 4th for adoption by the Board at its meeting during the Cloud Identity Summit on June 10th. We look forward to seeing certifications of open source, individuals’, and non-profits’ implementations during this phase, as well as continued certifications by organizations. Another dimension of the expansion is to begin relying party certifications. If you have a relying party implementation, we highly encourage you to join us in testing the tests, just like the pilot participants did for the OpenID Provider certification test suite. Please contact me if you’re interested. See the FAQ for additional information on OpenID Certification. Again, congratulations on what we’ve already accomplished. I look forward to the increasing adoption and quality of OpenID Connect implementations that the certification program is already helping to achieve.