Post-Quantum Identity Standards

Image generated by Dall-e At its pre-IIW workshop on Monday, April 14, the OpenID Foundation convened a panel on Post-Quantum Computing and Identity. The panelists included: Andrea D’Intino, Nancy Cam-Winget, Cisco John Bradley, Yubico Rick Byers, Google Gail Hodges, OpenID Foundation (moderator) This summary draws out general themes and comments are not attributed to […]


OpenID Certification The OpenID Foundation enables deployments of OpenID Connect and the Financial-grade API (FAPI) Read/Write Profile to be certified to specific conformance profiles to promote interoperability among implementations. The OpenID Foundation’s certification process utilizes self-certification and conformance test suites developed by the Foundation. Certified implementations can use the “OpenID Certified” certification mark. Learn more […]


GAIN POC – Overview GAINOVERVIEW GAINPROOF OF CONCEPT GAIN POCRELATED SPECIFICATIONS GAIN POCPARTICIPATION AGREEMENTS Overview of the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) (September 2021) More than 150 co-authors released the GAIN Digital Trust whitepaper which called for the creation of a globally interoperable network for high-trust identity assurance. When the OpenID Foundation’s Chairman, Nat Sakimura, […]

How OpenID Connect Works

How OpenID Connect Works OpenID Connect enables an Internet identity ecosystem through easy integration and support, security and privacy-preserving configuration, interoperability, wide support of clients and devices, and enabling any entity to be an OpenID Provider (OP). The OpenID Connect protocol, in abstract, follows these steps: The RP (Client) sends a request to the OpenID […]

Guest Blog: Financial-grade API (FAPI), Explained by an Implementer – Updated

NOTE: This article was updated to align to the FAPI 1.0 Final version which was published in March, 2021. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS BLOG IN PORTUGUESE Introduction Financial-grade API (FAPI) is a technical specification that Financial-grade API Working Group of OpenID Foundation has developed. It uses OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC) as its base and defines additional technical requirements for the financial industry and […]