Announcing the 2024 OpenID Foundation Community Representatives Election

This is to announce the 2024 OpenID Foundation Community Representatives election schedule. Those elected will help guide the Foundation’s efforts in facilitating the development and adoption of important open identity standards enabling global interoperability as well as the strategic direction of the Foundation. Please note that the OpenID Foundation board of directors unanimously approved updated Bylaws […]

Formal Security Analysis of FAPI 2.0 Message Signing, DCR, DCM and FAPI-CIBA Completed

Following the publication of the formal security analysis of the FAPI 2.0 Security Profile in December 2022, a second round of analysis has now been completed, extending it to include FAPI 2.0 Message Signing, Dynamic Client Registration (DCR), Dynamic Client Management (DCM), and FAPI-CIBA. The analysis was co-funded by the Australian Government and the OpenID […]

Second Implementer’s Draft of Shared Signals Framework Specification Approved

The OpenID Foundation membership has approved the following Shared Signals specifications as OpenID Implementer’s Drafts: OpenID Shared Signals Framework Specification An Implementer’s Draft is a stable version of a specification providing intellectual property protections to implementers of the specification. This is the second Shared Signals Framework Implementer’s Drafts. The Implementer’s Draft is available at:  […]

OpenID Foundation Updates Bylaws

The OpenID Foundation board of directors unanimously approved updating the Foundation’s Bylaws by a 75% supermajority vote as required by the Bylaws (Section 9.2 Bylaw Amendments) at the November 16, 2023 board meeting. The new Bylaws are effective as of November 16, 2023. From the founding of the OpenID Foundation, the Foundation has intended to […]

Notice of Vote to Approve Proposed Second Errata Set for OpenID Connect Specifications

The official voting period will be between Wednesday, December 6, 2023 and Wednesday, December 13, 2023, following the 45 day review of the specifications. For the convenience of members who have completed their reviews by then, voting will actually open a week early on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, with the voting period still ending on Wednesday, […]

OpenID Foundation Joins CAMARA

Published November 21, 2023, revised November 22, 2023 to include Deutsche Telekom quote. The OpenID Foundation is pleased to announce that it has joined the Linux Foundation’s CAMARA project as an Associate Member. CAMARA is an open source project within Linux Foundation that defines, develops and tests the APIs enabling seamless access to Telco network […]

Notice of Vote for Proposed Implementer’s Draft of Shared Signals Framework Specification

The voting period will be between Tuesday, November 28, 2023 and Tuesday, December 5, 2023, once the 45-day review of the specifications has been completed. The Shared Signals working group page is If you’re not already a member, or if your membership has expired, please consider joining to participate in the approval vote. Information […]

What’s New in the Shared Signals Framework?

Authors: Atul Tulshibagwale (SGNL), Apoorva Deshpande (Okta), and Shayne Miel (Cisco Duo). A new draft of the Shared Signals Framework has been released for public review. Here’s how it is different from the previous version. The OpenID Shared Signals Working Group (SSWG) has made important changes to the Shared Signals Framework (SSF) from the first […]

2023 OpenID Foundation Kim Cameron Award Recipients Share Their Experiences

In April 2023, the OpenID Foundation announced the 2023 Kim Cameron Award recipients. Today we’re pleased for the award recipients to share their experiences. The goal of the awards is to increase representation from young people’s who’ve demonstrated an interest in subjects consistent with best practices and identity standards that are secure, interoperable, and privacy […]