Announcing the OpenID Foundation Hybrid Workshop at Visa – Monday, November 14, 2022

***Registration for this workshop is required for all participants (in-person and virtual). Please register by Wednesday, November 9, 2022: 

Onsite registration for this workshop is not available due to security and COVID requirements so please be sure to register by Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

Also note that all in-person attendees must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, meaning they have received their primary series of COVID-19 vaccines. When registering, please select “YES” to certify you are compliant with this event safety requirement.

Workshop Overview

OpenID Foundation Workshops provide technical insight and influence on current digital identity standards while offering a collaborative platform to openly address current trends and market opportunities. This OpenID Foundation Workshop includes a number of presentations focused on 2022 key initiatives for the Foundation as well as updates on active working groups.


Workshop Details

Thank you kindly to Visa for hosting this hybrid workshop on Monday, November 14, 2022 12:30-4pm PT:

900 Metro Center Blvd.
M1 Auditorium,
Foster City, CA 94404

Please note that visitor parking is available all four Visa buildings so if M1 is full, feel free to park in another building. When entering the parking garage, you will inform the attendant that you are there for the OpenID Foundation Workshop in the M1 auditorium.

Beverages and snacks will be provided to those attending in person. All registered participants will receive a link to participate virtually prior to the workshop.

The Foundation’s Note Well Statement can be found here and is used to govern workshops.



12:30-12:35 Welcome Gail Hodges – OIDF
12:35-1:00 OIDF Privacy Whitepaper Listening Session: “Help Design a Scalable Future for Personal Privacy”
Government-issued digital IDs have the potential for amazing societal impact but getting there from here means bridging the gaps in identity validation, verification, privacy, and control. In this session, we offer an open conversation to gather different perspectives on how policies and protocols need to evolve to help government-issued IDs fill their role in a global privacy-preserving infrastructure. Come join us to be a part of thinking outside the box of today so we can achieve tomorrow’s promise of government-issued IDs as a benefit to all.
Heather Flanagan – Spherical Cow Consulting
1:00-1:25 OIDF Government Whitepaper Listening Session: “Citizen-Centric Identity Systems”
The OpenID Foundation is developing a whitepaper for governments and their associated stakeholders with the goal of supporting them in making good decisions when implementing citizen-centric digital identity systems – and to help them understand where OIDC and its extensions fit in. This session will be a facilitated discussion about the key concerns of government when thinking about digital identity:

  • The Role of Government
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Adoption
  • Balancing privacy/security/trust
  • Resilience
  • Economic Benefits
  • Technology and Interoperability
  • How existing standards fit in
Elizabeth Garber – Whitepaper Co-Author
1:25-1:50 OIDF IoT Whitepaper Listening Session: “IoT & Identity: First Thoughts on a Blueprint for How People and Things can Interoperate
Most enterprises implementing use cases with connected devices follow proprietary approaches when interacting with people. This results in challenges when it comes to integrating different systems but also adds risk from a security perspective, efforts from a development perspective, and inconsistency from an end-user perspective. A blueprint for how people and things can interoperate has to outline ideas, paradigms, and enhancements to existing standards to provide guidance to architects, developers, and product owners. In this session, you’ll get insights into early thoughts on that topic, hear about challenges leading enterprises in this segment have today, and are invited to share your opinion, ideas, and concerns regarding IoT and Identity.
Andre Priebe – iC Consult
1:50-2:00 Break
2:00-2:25 A Review of the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN): One Year On
This session will provide a one-year update on the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) initiative including what’s next including seeking your input and contributions as GAIN transitions to focusing on how interoperability in enabled globally.

  • What is GAIN
  • GAIN progress since 13th September 2021
  • GAIN MOU and supporting signatories
  • OIX Global Interoperability WG
  • Planned updates to GAIN Paper
  • Outlook for the next 6 months
  • Wrap up and Call to action
Elizabeth Garber – Co-Chair GAIN Proof of Concept
2:25-2:40 OpenWallet Foundation Listening Session Juliana Cafik – Microsoft & Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt –
2:40-2:50 Connect WG Update Michael Jones – Microsoft
2:50-3:00 FAPI WG Update Nat Sakimura – OIDF
3:00-3:10 eKYC & IDA WG Update Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt –
3:10-3:20 Shared Signals & Events WG Update Tim Cappalli – Microsoft
3:20-3:30 MODRNA WG Update Bjorn Hjelm – Verizon Wireless
3:30-3:50 OpenID for Verifiable Credentials (OpenID4VC) Update Kristina Yasuda – Microsoft & Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt –
3:50-4:00 Wrap Up and Open Q&A