Implementer’s Drafts of Two EAP Specifications Approved

The OpenID Foundation membership has approved the following Enhanced Authentication Profile (EAP) specifications as OpenID Implementer’s Drafts:

  • OpenID Connect Token Bound Authentication 1.0
  • OpenID Connect Extended Authentication Profile (EAP) ACR Values 1.0

An Implementer’s Draft is a stable version of a specification providing intellectual property protections to implementers of the specification. These are the first EAP Implementer’s Drafts.

The Implementer’s Drafts are available at:

The voting results were:

  • Approve – 50 votes
  • Object – 2 votes
  • Abstain – 4 votes

Total votes: 56 (out of 246 members = 23% > 20% quorum requirement)

— Michael B. Jones – OpenID Foundation Board Secretary