OpenID Connect Logout Implementer’s Drafts Approved

The OpenID Foundation membership has approved these specifications as OpenID Implementer’s Drafts. An Implementer’s Draft is a stable version of a specification providing intellectual property protections to implementers of the specification.

  • Session Management – Defines how to manage OpenID Connect sessions, including postMessage-based logout functionality
  • Front-Channel Logout – Defines a front-channel logout mechanism that does not use an OP iframe on RP pages
  • Back-Channel Logout – Defines a logout mechanism that uses back-channel communication between the OP and RPs being logged out

These specifications are available at:

The voting results were:

  • Approve – 52 votes
  • Object – 3 votes
  • Abstain – 5 votes

Total votes: 60 (out of 219 members = 27% > 20% quorum requirement)

— Michael B. Jones – OpenID Foundation Board Secretary