OpenID Certification Adoption Continues – Well Done Symantec!

Congratulations to the Symantec Identity team on the certification of it’s expanding OpenID Connect capabilities and their registration on the OIXnet registry.  This would not have been possible without the vision and pioneering leadership of Nico Popp and the sustained support of Open Identity Exchange Vice Chairman Paul Agbabian and Brian Berliner, Symantec’s Board Representative at the OpenID Foundation.

The OpenID Certification test platform, the test results and legal attestations of large international competitors, governments and a worldwide community of independent developers are secured in Symantec data centers. Symantec’s directed funding of its world class infrastructure and technical support is an indispensable element in the trust necessary to drive the growing global adoption of OpenID standards, self certification and Open Identity Exchange registration. 

Well Done Symantec!

Don Thibeau
Executive Director
The OpenID Foundation