Open Invitation to Join the First Meeting of the Health Relationship Trust ( HEART) Working Group 2

A few months ago the OpenID Foundation Board of Directors welcomed Deb Bucci as a colleague and representative of the US Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). The Board noted the important coincidence of the growing adoption of the OpenID Connect standard and the commitment of public and private sector organizations to OpenID Connect profiles that can accelerate progress on identity-related heath care challenges.That public and private collaboration is reflected the leadership of a new working group. Eve Mailer of Forgerock, OpenID Foundation member and industry opinion leader, has joined Deb as co chair of a new working group.

We are inviting interested parties in the public, private and academic sectors to join the first meeting of the Health Relationship Trust ( HEART) Working Group (WG) on January 12. The HEART WG is a collaboration of the MIT – KIT Consortium and the Open ID Foundation. The HEART WG will be looking at ways to harmonize and develop a set of privacy and security specifications that will help an individual control the authorization of access to RESTful health-related data sharing APIs and facilitate the development of interoperable implementations of these specifications.

The US ONC’s Office of Standards and Technology is supporting this effort joins the Foundation in encouraging the active participation of technical and policy subject matter experts from across the Health IT community. The initial work will focus on identifying/scoping/framing relevant use cases rather than delving into the technical details.

You can review the HEART Project Charter for more detailed information about the HEART WG. Additional Information about joining and registering for our mail list can be found here. Anyone can join the mailing list as a read-only recipient and attend the meetings.

Don Thibeau
The OpenID Foundation