The Economics of Identity 3

Those of us working on Internet identity issues have lots of conferences to attend when it comes to technology and privacy. Less attention has been paid to how to make money, how value is created, and how business models and monetization works across sectors. Meanwhile governments and companies are reorganizing to better address Internet identity as a cross sector “ strategic utility”. OIX Vice Chairman and Senior Fellow / CTO at Symantec, Paul Agbabian, has encouraged OIX’s quantitative market research on new and emerging internet identity services. OIX’s market research on identity business cases has three elements.

OIX has helped fund Control Shift’s independent primary research on market take up in the UK. A diverse set of organizations are contributing to the study by providing data and insights and helping to identify revenue opportunities and efficiencies relevant to their sectors and business models. The more comprehensive the sources the more complete the UK study and the model becomes more applicable to other markets. OIX is planning to publish the results in early June.

We’ve commissioned a series of white papers on value drivers like liability, trustmarks, alternatives to third party certification, etc. to provide new solutions for the roadblocks of bringing new systems and services online. This provides presenters and participants “pre-reads” to maximize the value of attending for all and the basis for follow up research.

OIX is building a series of “Economics of Identity” workshops with members and partners. The first of a series will take place on June 9th at the KMPG Offices Canary Wharf, London’s financial and banking business heart. This event will be a global summit to consider the ‘economics’ of internet identity that includes very senior level public and private sector leaders. The attendees of this workshop will be privy to a convergence of OIX White Papers and IDAP industry project showcases enabling the discussion on understanding this markets economic value. Alexander B. Howard, renowned writer and editor spanning technology issues of online identity, will MC the event.

We will follow that event at The Gates Center at the University of Washington in Seattle on June 23rd and are planning additional workshops in September 2014 and Spring 2015.