March 22nd Account Chooser workshop in Silicon Valley and online 1

The OIDF Account Chooser working group is now very close to launching the first version of a central Account Chooser service.  This 4 minute video shows it working today and there are many demos you can try yourself.  On March 22nd we are holding a meeting of the working group in Silicon Valley, and others are invited to participate, including by watching a live video of the event.
This project has evolved in an unusual manner for the OIDF because it is primarily a service, not just a specification and open source code.  So we are very interested in feedback from the community either at that event, on the ODIF general list, or on the working group list.
The service is also protocol agnostic, meaning it works with OpenID, OpenIDConnect, SAML, and just about any login protocol.  It even works for websites that still authenticate users with passwords.