Election of Officers and Executive Committee of the 2012 Board of Directors

Last week, Nat Sakimura was reelected as Chairman of the Board. Nat continues to provide an invaluable continuity of leadership and representation for the OpenID Foundation in a wide variety of international standards organizations. Eric Sachs, Google’s representative on the Board, was elected Vice Chairman. In addition to his Executive Committee responsibilities, Eric will continue to lead both the OIDF Marketing Committee and Account Chooser Work Group. Kick Willemse, was elected as Community Liaison. Kick will be providing the Foundation increased global awareness and much needed voice in the European marketplace.

Kick and Eric’s work with Nat will help guide important technical and adoption processes for the proposals and protocols in the OIDF pipeline; OpenID Connect – in the Implementer’s draft stage, Account Chooser – ramping up for community input in 2012 and the nascent proposal around the “Backplane Exchange” Greg Keegstra is advocating. All these efforts point toward vibrant technical and marketing initiatives for the Foundation in 2012.

John Bradley and Mike Jones were reelected as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. They make things happen. Mike and John have for many years gone to great lengths to be stewards of the OpenID protocol and the Foundation required to make it open to all. On behalf of the companies and community around open and user centric internet identity, we thank Nat, Eric, Kick, John and Mike in advance for their leadership.

Don Thibeau