Review of Proposed OpenID Connect Implementer’s Drafts

The OpenID AB+Connect Working Group recommends approval of the following specifications as OpenID Implementer’s Drafts: Basic Client Profile – Simple self-contained specification for a web-based Relying Party.  (This spec contains a subset of the information in Messages and Standard.) Discovery – Defines how user and provider endpoints can be dynamically discovered. Dynamic Registration – Defines […]

Verizon, Building the Foundation for a Safe, Security Identity Ecosystem

Verizon announced today an important milestone in the Open Identity arena. Verizon announced that it is the first ever identity provider to achieve a Level 3 US Government certification in providing identity credentials and access management to relying parties. The importance of building a standardized framework that protects valuable personal data from Internet security risks […]

Sony’s Weakest Link Hijack

Sony announced today that a large number of accounts were hijacked using an attack based on the fact that people reuse passwords across websites. These “weakest link hijackings” are an evolution of the phishing attacks that have become so well known over the last few years. These attacks are referred to as “weakest link hijackings” […]

OpenID Connect Specs Incorporating Developer Feedback

Since we posted in July about the availability of preliminary OpenID Connect specifications, developers have been building implementations and submitting feedback on the specs.  The specs have been revised to incorporate their feedback.  A new map of the specs is as follows: The biggest difference you’ll notice is that there is now only one spec to implement for “Minimal” […]

REMINDER – OpenID “Connect Tech” Summit – September 12-13, 2011

The OpenID Foundation is launching its third OpenID Summits for 2011. This event is co-sponsored by Microsoft and will be held at the Microsoft Research Campus in Mountain View.  The OpenID Foundation’s 2011 series of OpenID Summits focuses on use cases and topics of interest to key developers, executives and analysts in the online identity […]

Current Map for OpenID Connect

There is now a set of functionally complete specifications for OpenID Connect.  The diagram below shows the relationships between the current specs and contains links to each of them.  These specifications are ready for early developer feedback and prototype implementation work.  Please send feedback on them to the OpenID Artifact Binding Working Group Mailing List. […]

Internet Identity System Said Readied by Obama

Internet Identity System Said Readied by Obama Administration 2011-01-07 05:00:01.9 GMT By James Sterngold Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) — The Obama administration plans to announce today plans for an Internet identity system that will limit fraud and streamline online transactions, leading to a surge in Web commerce, officials said. While the White House has spearheaded development […]