Introducing the 2011 OpenID Community Board Representatives 2

Dear Members,

Thank you for voting for those who will represent you at this pivotal time for OpenID. This is to introduce the newly elected community directors of the OpenID Foundation Board. In 2011 Brian Kissel and Allen Tom will be fulfilling the second year of their terms as community representatives.  Marc Frons has resigned from the second year of his service because of pressing business issues at the New York Times.

Mike Jones, Chris Messina, Nat Sakimura and John Bradley bring deep domain expertise in online identity to their board service.  I think it’s fair to say their election reflects a community-wide acknowledgement of the consistency and quality of their contributions in recent years. The election of Kick Willemse and Axel Nennker signals an important shift towards more international leadership on the board. At last week’s Identity Next Conference and at the Identity Summit in Geneva, Nat, John, Kick and Axel led discussions expanding a more global view of OpenID’s adoption and updating its technology with our colleagues in the EU. Nat, Mike, Kick and John have been elected to two years terms. David Recordon will represent Facebook in 2011.

It’s important to acknowledge the contributions of Luke Sheppard, Mike Ozburn, Dick Hardt, Joseph Smarr, Daniel Jacobson and Rob Harles. Each contributed the energy, talent and diversity of views that makes the foundation an occasionally frustrating, increasingly complex and unique resource in online identity.  Because of their efforts, the 2011 board starts the new year with a mandate for building momentum around the merged AB/Connect working group and the restructuring the OIDF to be a more effective, more international organization.

Technology development and board deliberations rarely follow a graceful upward curve. With the push/pull of competing business models and the cross jurisdictional impact of online identity, it’s easy to underestimate the time and commitment required of directors to reconcile corporate, community and global interests in a rapidly changing identity ecosystem. The board has important work to do right from the start of 2011.  It must leverage and deploy the unique assets of the foundation, its leadership as a convener of OpenID Summits, its authoritative voice in standards development, and most importantly its growing worldwide community.

This is to you to engage with this new board from the start. We will soon publish a calendar of OpenID Summits, reorganize our governance and advance the utility of our “product” through the AB/Connect working group.  Blog your views at, serve on work groups and contribute to the development of one of the most important technologies of our time.

Don Thibeau
Executive Director