Considering running for the OpenID Board?

Dear OIDF Member:

The OpenID Foundation is committed to enabling, promoting and protecting technologies that enable users to control their online identity. This is an evolving space where the definition of online identity continues to shift. Community-elected representatives play an important part in the direction of the foundation and thus help shape the future of online identity.

At times, the board is a team of rivals — corporate and community agendas inevitably compete. Competition and collaboration serve to shine a light on what’s important. For the most part, the board is a group of like-minded individuals doing like-minded things: solving the vexing problems of online security and global adoption with open source tools and open minds for better ideas.

Please consider it an honor to join a board of highly regarded business executives who share their strategic insights during this time of accelerating growth. The collective expertise of this group is a tremendous asset to member companies, their customers and the community.

Don Thibeau
Executive Director