Introducing Jesse Stay 1

The OpenID Foundation is pleased to welcome Jesse Stay as our first tech writer.

I asked Jesse what got him excited about about working with us:

I chose to write for the Foundation because the world needs to understand this stuff.  There are so many organizations beyond just the Facebooks and Googles and Microsofts (and many other tech companies) of the world which need to know they can be a part of this effort as well.  In order to do that we need to present it in a way they can understand.  As a developer first and writer second, I feel I can help with this effort and bridge that gap, hopefully translating some of the harder tech language into language that makes much more sense to the rest of the world.  I hope, as a result, that the Foundation can in turn, make it completely clear why every organization, tech or not, should be a part of this effort to standardize the technologies we use to identify ourselves.

Jesse will be a resource for the OpenID Connect initiative and other tech committee working groups to make sure those discussions are available to everyone. He’s pulling together his notes from the OpenID Technology Summit at Facebook — you’ll see them on soon.

You can find Jesse blogging at and follow him on Twitter at @Jesse.