From the Executive Director: Introducing Amanda Richardson

This is to re-introduce a colleague in the OpenID community; Amanda Richardson. Some of you worked with Amanda when she was a volunteer project manager for last year’s OIDF website redesign. She’s back as a part time OIDF blog curator and content wrangler. Daniel Jacobson, Chair of the Adoption Committee, championed the idea of aggregating the many disparate blogs about OpenID and posting value adding content at We will be testing some of those ideas and software tools over the next few months in an effort to find the best and most economical ways to continually refresh the site and feature original content that informs discussions of OpenID.

Amanda’s technical chops come from years of experience building and managing technical client support for enterprise software operations and process design for social media start ups. She’s known for pulling people together from different organizations or communities to get things done. Amanda’s begun interviewing corporate and community members, thought leaders and analysts to add some color commentary to the ongoing evolution of OpenID.

Feel free to forward your ideas, comments and questions to me and Amanda at She may well be reaching out to you soon. It will be great fun to work with someone with a passion for online community building and to make a destination site for authoritative and interesting information about OpenID.